We’re Aiming to Become a Twitch Affiliate


Let it be heard to all the people of the internet. Ever since the announcement, Misterbunny and I are planning to become a Twitch Affiliate. We know that it’s a high standard to achieve. But we’re willing to put in the extra blood, sweat, tears, and three shows, just to achieve this status.

Yes, it may be ‘selling out’. Yes, it may also be very worthless compared to being an actual Twitch Partner. But you have to have dreams. Rather than dreaming big, we’re dreaming mediocre. And aren’t satisfied until we get our hands on all of our viewer’s┬áprecious bits… Ahem… The name of currency that Twitch is introducing for viewers to support their favorite streamers, that is.

These are the bits that a Twitch Affiliate will be showered with.
These are the bits that a Twitch Affiliate will be showered with.

To be neck deep in our viewers bits has always been a dream of ours. And Twitch is opening that path for us. So we’re introducing 3 more shows to our Twitch channel.

On top of our regular Sunday streams, we are introducing 3 additional streams per month for a total of 7 shows per month. They are fun filled bonanzas that we hope will lead us to getting showered in your bits.

Tengen Tandem Tetris is the New Old Hotness


Do you remember Tetris?

You bet your ass you remember it. But I doubt you remember the NES clone called Tetris. Yes, you read that right. Tetris was cloned when the game came out for NES (actually it’s a long story where several companies were fighting for copyright of the game… but who cares anyways, amiright?). And do you know how good the clones were? Continue reading

The Dream Cast is Coming

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Get Ready to help some kids!

Electrical Line Noise is teaming up with a bunch of our friends and we are going to be playing video games for 24 hours to raise money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital. This is going to be fun for us, but it’s not going to be very good, if we don’t get your help!

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