Tengen Tandem Tetris is the New Old Hotness


Do you remember Tetris?

You bet your ass you remember it. But I doubt you remember the NES clone called Tetris. Yes, you read that right. Tetris was cloned when the game came out for NES (actually it’s a long story where several companies were fighting for copyright of the game… but who cares anyways, amiright?). And do you know how good the clones were?

…They were as good as Tetris of course. I mean seriously how the f**k could one screw up that game?

Nobody gives two bits about a flying pigs testicle about Tetris ever since the asshole of the gaming world (… Electronic Arts…) bought the IP. That is until now, of course. Misterbunny and I finally cared. We got fed up playing the Devil’s video games (… EA, we’re still looking at you) and decided that there must be a clone of the game that is better than the original. Somewhere in this god forsaken world somebody must have come up with an improvement to the original game.

It took hours of searching on Google, but we found a clone of the game that showed some promise. And it’s name… was Tetris. The difference about this version is that it was created by Tengen, a subsidiary of Atari. You may be familiar with Tengen, as they were also the creators of Gauntlet. And you may also be familiar with Atari, as they made Pong and the original Tetris game for the Atari and arcade.

Somehow, both Atari and Nintendo owned the rights to the game. However, on the NES, Tengen lost the legal battle and had to pull their version off the shelves to make way for Nintendo’s version. But here is the kicker. Tengen’s version was (in our opinion) better! Tetris was better than Tetris…

Why was it better, you ask?

Cooperative game play… Not competitive, but cooperative.

How much better does it make it, you may also ask?

How much better is it when you’re working on a class or work project with coworkers and know that you can blame your colleagues for your screw-ups… That’s how much better cooperative Tetris is. Don’t believe me? Watch us play it for the NES in this amazing youtube video.